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EPM Overview

Portals (Microsoft Enterprise Project Management 2010)
"Corporate programs that are not managed by an EPM function are often poorly executed. But, with a program management function in place, the success rate is much higher"
"While there are numerous vendors offering enterprise project management software, going with Microsoft is easier because of its familiar look and feel"
"One of the biggest benefits of selection Microsoft Project 2010 as a solution will be the visibility and insight the customer will gain on all their projects,"
"All in all, Microsoft Project Server 2010 is the best EPM software"

Implementation – a critical and complex project

In an increasingly competitive business environment, success depends upon your ability to manage every project well, keeping them on time, within scope and budget, and aligned with business goals. However, the ever-changing environment is making it trickier for those seeking to establish higher control and visibility over their projects initialization, selection and execution as well as resources utilization.
So, crucially, what can help bridge the gap between issues, corporate goals, and the technology required to deliver the desired results?

Simple yet multi-faceted: the perfect combination

We've got the answer for you: Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2010. It is ideal for project portfolio selection, budget and resource allocation, strong coordination and standardization between projects and project managers, centralized resource management, and higher-level reporting about projects and resources. Implementing EPM 2010 Solution ensures strategic management of business and IT priorities, investments, and projects across the enterprise. With its implementation, our objective will be to take full advantage of the synergies across your enterprise architecture, portfolio management, and project management office disciplines to get maximum strategic value and return on project investments.

Microsoft Enterprise Project Management to the rescue!

Twenty years ago, project management was about managing a single project. Today, organizations are looking at their entire portfolio of projects including how they depend on one another. This is Microsoft EPM's bread and butter, as well as helping you :
  • Intuitively capture all requests within a central repository, and manage them using governance workflow.
  • Objectively prioritize, optimize, and select project portfolios that best align with the organization's business strategy.
  • Proactively and reactively manage resources throughout the project life cycle.
  • Easily create and communicate both simple and complex project schedules.
  • Control and measure project and portfolio financial performance.
  • Simplify the collection of time and task status updates from team members.
  • Better connect disparate teams to share information and drive collaboration.
  • Identify, mitigate, and communicate issues and risks that could adversely affect project success.
  • Effectively measure project performance and gain visibility and control across all portfolios through reports and visual dashboards.
  • Initiate, plan, and deliver strategic programs.

More, and more, and more

Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Solution 2010, this flexible, end-to-end Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) platform is used by organizations across a broad variety of industries to automate primary PPM processes. When looking at all the added benefits, it's really not hard to see why:
  • Unified project and portfolio management
  • Helps organizations define the right governance processes to effectively control all types of work—project and operational—throughout the work life cycle
  • A one-stop-shop demand management portal to help organizations streamline and standardize the initiation process for all types of work
  • Select the right portfolios that align with strategy
  • Occasional and certified project managers with the flexibility to quickly build simple and complex schedules online Intuitively submit time and task updates
  • Organizations with the flexibility they need to centralize time capture, streamline processes, automate task management, and increase the accuracy of project forecasting
  • A powerful reporting infrastructure coupled with flexible Business Intelligence tools to help ensure that organizations proactively gain visibility across their project portfolios, that they can react quickly, and can generate custom reports
  • Simplified administration and flexibility
  • A powerful and familiar work management platform by connected with related Microsoft technologies
  • An open, extensible, and programmable platform to help ensure that organizations can easily develop custom solutions and effectively integrate with line-of business systems

Basically, Microsoft EPM wants to make your life easier…

Now more than ever, executives are being challenged to "do more with less", therefore they are being judicious about where they spend their money and how they allocate resources. Microsoft's EPM solution, with its numerous benefits, helps organizations select and deliver the right projects, reduce costs, as well as drive efficiencies - ultimately planting the seeds and enabling the business to grow.