evventa Protocola premier events and protocol management solution

Evventa® is a premier events and protocol management solution. It provides a comprehensive set of tools that automate the most complex events and protocols operations, facilitating and accelerating work completion, while ensuring a high level of security across the entity’s different branches and departments. evventa® - Protocol is replete with multi-functional features that maximize performance while minimizing margins of error, including the schedule management of presidents or kings, managing the preparations of all events, choosing the right delegation list, managing their travel or host details, preparing and printing the detailed program plan, picking the right gifts, managing official contacts information, budgeting trips, managing the protocol staff time and much more.

evventa® – protocol no surprises

Kings, presidents, and prime ministers rely on their teams for state protocol matters and ceremonial events. Protocol and ceremonials teams are expected to drive all events from concept to successful execution, while having all events participants treated as presidential and royal subjects.
Planning and organizing for protocol and ceremonial events is a major challenge; it requires agility, but one that also retains a flexibility that allows an organization to modify in a timely manner any set protocols in response to constantly-changing variables and conditions.
Such changes can come at the eleventh hour, bombarding events that are required to go smooth, flawless and prestigious with daunting surprises.
The difficulty in organizing ceremonial events is heightened by the fact that there is no room for mistakes; they could be easily misinterpreted as different messages. Mistakes are expensive, and protocol and ceremonials teams are expected to plan and organize a good number of events during the year while paying attention to the smallest detail.
Epya values and appreciates the responsibilities shouldered by protocol and ceremonials teams. Such teams have evolved to become complex organizations seeking sophisticated infrastructure solutions to facilitate their operations. evventa® – protocol is an all-in-one product that helps you meet the challenge of organizing those events head-on.

  • For the last 6 years, our clients trusted evventa® – protocol to plan, organize and execute events for protocol and ceremonial departments across the region.
  • evventa® – protocol is a product which has been built with cooperation with protocol and ceremonial teams.
  • Our experience in implementing evventa® – protocol within different protocol and ceremonials departments sharpens and strengthens our knowledge and skills in this ever developing field. evventa® – protocol offers a comprehensive and collaborative environment for protocol and ceremonial teams to manage and host all needed information; from events, attendees, program plans, scheduled travels, hosted events, gifts and much more

A strategic choice

The usage of legacy systems and walk-around solutions are limiting the abilities of protocol teams to achieve their goals and objectives effectively. Protocol and ceremonial departments are in need of state-of-the-art solutions that allow them to strategically utilize technology to support their operations.
It is about time, and about making fundamental choices. These choices will determine the way the future of organization protocol and ceremonial departments are. evventa® – protocol is not a “sticky plaster” solution -- it is a realization of operations excellence and organization effectiveness that serves extremely important VIPs, in a secure and timely manner. This one-of-a-kind solution is able to provide key elements of these events throughout the following design considerations:

  • A centralized repository for all protocol work items, including: schedules, detailed programs plans, gifts, contacts information, attendees, logistics and much more .
  • Workflow and approval cycles for all requests submitted to hold meetings, attend events, respond to inquiries.
  • An international solution, currently featuring a bilingual (Arabic & English) interface, with more languages currently under development.
  • Extremely secure system: encrypted data, different levels of user enrollment, role-based security and finger-print sign-in are some of the examples which place evventa® – protocol at the forefront secure applications
  • Easy integration through extensible design built on state-of-the- art technologies from the world’s largest technology providers, allowing industry standard integration with other applications
  • Designedforprogressiveimplementation,allowingprotocoland ceremonials departments to migrate and evolve their processes and systems in a timeframe which fits their business demands
  • Scalable and capable of meeting the demands of larger and more complex events
  • Reliable product implemented and adopted as a primary tool from several of our clients across the region
  • An intuitive, easily configurable product, allowing protocol and ceremonials teams to create their own checklists, event templates, gifts categories and much more

Why evventa® – protocol?

Current bench marks demonstrate the ability of evventa® – protocol to manage large number of events, and large events as well, while considering cost effective hardware and software configurations in mind. evventa® – protocol is a .NET product which can be easily deployed and brought to life in a Microsoft compliant environment. Having a secure SQL-Server database completes the technical framework.
Being a modular based product, it allows clients to adopt or renovate their systems in an order and timeframe which:

  • Reflects their business drivers and serves them.
  • Protects their current investment in other systems (document management systems, workflow and others).
  • Allows them to incorporate new and unique solutions as they become available in the market.
  • Realizes an earlier return on investment, by targeting and addressing specific problem areas.
  • The overall flexibility for this implementation process helps your business to “progressively implement” evventa® – protocol, an approach that recognizes the complexity of current processes and systems and their requirements to respond rapidly to different and more modern business environment. Through its combination of proven results and EPYA’s extensive experience in similar projects delivery, evventa® – protocol is positioned to help its clients with a range of options to address their specific migration needs. With our partnership with our clients we deliver value to them.

In addition to the supply of important operational systems (such as evventa® – protocol), EPYA has a proven record of managing large scale projects, specialty with protocol and ceremonials environment, proven projects delivery methods based on industry best practices “EDGE”, dedicated products teams, and local support; provide proper support; framework for all of our clients.

​Key benefits

  • Increased accessibility of information by setting a single environment to host all information related to the schedule, attendees, contacts list, gifts, related documents, comments, agenda, and program plans.
  • Increased security of the protocol environment, allowing different levels of authorization, enrollment, and information accessibility.
  • Increased accuracy of scheduling, managing, controlling and executing events.
  • Proactive engagements in enhancing the overall performance of the protocol departments.
  • Easy, fast, and secure communication tools between all stakeholders, allowing higher productivity.
  • A green product, featuring an environment with a reduced administrative cost.
  • Better follow-up on appointments, travels, media, attendee’s lists, weapons, airlines, tickets, hotels, resources, logistics, initiatives, directives, and action items.
  • Leveraging the quality of the event operational processes to a new unprecedented level.
  • Provides better decision-making support using certain KPIs and trend analysis and business intelligence capabilities.
  • Allows the protocol staff total information mobility by its adaptability to PDAs and iPhone®.

Business functions

  • Advanced scheduling tools, including events templates, different schedule views, recurring events, capturing of all related details, and smart time suggesting tools.
  • Comprehensive travel logistics tools to graphically plan for multiple destinations, multiple routes, and multiple attendees including all aspects of their events such as passports, visas, airplanes, accommodation, motorcades ...etc.
  • Preloaded set of lookups information such as: events templates, ceremonial checklists, execution checklists, countries information, airports, hotels and their ZIP codes and contact information.
  • Complete contacts profiles building, coupled with all events, and capturing all needed information with a distinct ability to deal with the Arabic language, including smart search and translation.
  • Perform compliance management to all events throughout well-defined checklists.
  • Ability to define clear ownership, roles, and task lists for all protocol staff.
  • Consolidated views for all resources assigned over events for better planning and management.
  • The ability to automatically formulate trip budgets coupled with contacts profiles and financial packages.
  • The ability to securely publish and view schedules, program plans, travel contact lists, motorcades, weather forecasts, hotel information and other vital data into a PDA or iPhone®.
  • The ability to capture, view, and track all incoming / outgoing gifts along with the system ability to suggest gifts for future trips.
  • The ability to track all initiatives and directives with third party organizations.
  • The ability to give an interactive, secure and user-friendly interface (through a Windows Tablet PC) for the head of state to view, amend or give feedback on various items including schedule, program plans, documents, etc.
  • The ability to make last minute changes while being disconnected from the live environment and to later synchronize changes and perform conflict resolution.
  • Top-notch security with integrated features and multi-level access permissions, including biometric identification, digital IDs, secure event accounts and privately labeled events.
  • The ability to integrate with third-party systems, such as Civil Status and Passport Systems, additional business process management solutions, and enterprise resources planner solutions.
  • Powerful notifications engine through e-mails and SMSs.

Always be prepared​

Preparing events for kings or presidents shall require massive preparations, throughout well designed checklists; role assignments, distributed tasks, and set of logistics. Protocol staff can easily connect to the system and make sure everything is prepared! The sytem allows them to create intuitive checklists, which can be divided into different types (ceremonial, execution and much more), and can be updated on future events making sure to repeat and move the experience across team members.

Traveling or hosting a delegation?​

When a protocol staff member is in charge of managing the travel arrangements for a president or a king with a delegation list, or with hosting an international conference for a group of presidents and kings, there is always a substantial amount of preparations involved. Accommodation, visas, passports, motorcades, hotel numbers, banquets, or even secret service weapons constitute but a fraction of the many variables they must attend to, and the process is always overwhelming.

evventa® – protocol provides an intuitive, unified interface to manage it all, with easy indicators that define what has been done, what is in jeopardy, and what is pending, all of which gives the user a quick and visual view of the status of the event. It offsets the need to commit delegation preferences to memory, whether these involving travel on private jets, first class or economy, or single or duplex suite bookings. It is a single place where all arrangements can be easily and safely integrated.

Seamless contact management

A comprehensive and full list of contacts is a necessity item that is kept and maintained by protocol and ceremonials departments on a daily basis. Protocol and ceremonials staff members often need to keep detailed information along with each contact entry, which can vary between correct phone numbers, proper titles with which to address contacts, a brief bio for a president or a king to review prior to meeting a certain person, or even a given contact’s food preference.

evventa® – protocol provides a multi-leveled, detailed repository of contacts with the distinct ability to deal with the Arabic language. The system comes with translation and indexing features that help protocol and ceremonials teams take their contacts’ profiles to the next level. All areas of the system are fully integrated, so if a protocol officer updates the title of a given contact, it is automatically reflected in all other branches where it is used, this is an example how evventa® – protocol greatly helps protocol and ceremonials departments avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Hosting events simultaneously?

Protocol teams are usually small teams with mammoth responsibilities. They are in charge of hosting a multitude of events annually، some of which are held simultaneously. A protocol and ceremonials department might find itself arranging for Independence Day while at the same time hosting a visit for the president of a foreign country and his accompanying delegation – all while being expected to prepare for a major conference in the following few days. This is why protocol and ceremonials teams often need to employ effective resource management، to better assign tasks and avoid potential mishaps. To that end، evventa® – protocol provides a dashboard for team leaders to utilize various resources and manage concurrent events.

Speech and schedule presentation made easy

Through a user-friendly tablet PC application, a proposed item appears for the president or king, which he/she can easily amend using a tablet PC pen in an experience very similar to marking notes on paper but one that is ultimately more efficient and secure. No need to submit hard copies of papers, worry where the president or king would be, or having people sneak-peak on them while being transferred. evventa® – protocol takes the interaction with the president or king to the next level.
lightning-fast notifications. Whether dealing with changes come at the last minute or reminders that need to be sent, evventa® – protocol’s fully integrated and intuitive SMS manager delivers different messages to your people wherever they are.

Working offline?

Logistics teams in protocol and ceremonials departments are often required to travel ahead of time to prepare for a visit, and at times internet access can be difficult to secure. While this might be a protocol staffer’s worst nightmare, evventa® – protocol presents an easy solution – all that is needed is a laptop with evventa® – protocol’s “Offline Client” installed and the protocol officers can modify all the required information to be later synchronized with the system when internet access is available.

Never miss a request

With a well-designed work flow, evventa® – protocol allows protocol staff to easily enter all requests with their relevant scheduling details. The system features different levels of security, details and approval cycles, making it easier to log all requests and make their relevant decisions. Protocol staff can schedule and employ the system to remind them of requests they prefer to process at a later stage. The system is also able to suggest a future timeline, which will enable users to make sound decisions at every cycle.

Always the right gift

Giving the right gift can be an arduous task. The protocol staff must avoid mistakes at all costs, as the gifts they send need to match the level of the ones they receive. Often times they deal with inventories of hundreds and even thousands of gifts, keeping track of the whens and wheres of each. evventa® – protocol provides an inventory function to store all gifts sent and received, together with a gift suggestion tool that deftly keeps uniqueness and class in mind.

Share it all with the guests

With evventa® – protocol, it is very easy to turn all program plans items into print. Protocol staff is able to create visual impressions of the data using various templates, sizes, colors, and details. With a single click, evventa® – protocol creates clean, intelligible prints with all important data included. The protocol staff can choose the details they wish to include in their booklets, starting from emergency contacts and hotel numbers, maps and diagrams, detailed program plans and weather forecasts. With a few clicks, program plans can be published to smart phones, allowing updates to reach delegates on the fly.


Increased accessibility of information by setting a single environment to host all information related to the schedule, attendees, contacts list.



Increased security of the protocol environment, allowing different levels of authorization, enrollment, and information accessibility.



Increased accuracy of scheduling, managing, controlling and executing events.


Proactive engagements

Proactive engagements in enhancing the overall performance of the protocol departments..