Project Development Methodology

EPYA is devoted to reliably enriching and applying cutting-edge processes and procedures to continue our unique venture of providing comprehensive solutions to clients. Thus; Wosool employs EDGE (Essential Development Guidelines of Wosool); that is a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) guidance on how to effectively design, develop, test, deploy, operate, and support software solutions, it also provides several project management practices and guidelines in order to ensure the effective management of software projects from initiation to closure.

EDGE provides industry with the best practices in readily usable form, and incorporates a wealth of industry knowledge and experience based on Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF4) and Project Management Institute Standards (PMI).

EDGE is an iterative, scenario-driven development process for building software applications. It directly incorporates practices for handling quality of service requirements such as performance and security, and it explicitly calls out project risk as a success criterion for the optimal delivery of software.

EDGE anticipates the need to adapt to change, and focuses on people as the most important component to the success of a project. It also emphasizes the delivery of working software and promotes customer validation as key success measures and broad quality assurance and process improvement initiative.