MegaCentralized Employees Workplace


MEGA is a platform that abstracts all organizations line of business, services, systems, and e-resources under one-stop-shop unified layer.

Easier Workflow

With MEGA, all functions, tasks, approvals and attachments go through an integrated and interconnected system in a way that is automatic, easy and fast, eliminating human errors and paperwork. MEGA is a platform that works for all kinds of departments, whether its HR, finance, warehouse or any other.


MEGA can adapt to the nature of work of each department separately as it smartly integrates with other related platforms and systems to ensure a smooth operation, there is no need for manual intervention. The self-services platform covers many areas such as leaves, vacations, payroll, purchase requests, loans and many others. The services offered can be scaled to any size, the more the systems MEGA connects to, the richer its service catalog becomes.

Real Signatures, Digitized

MEGA can transform real handwritten signatures into digital ones and makes excellent use out of it. Documents that require any employee’s signature can be quickly signed by the employee from the portal, workflows that require signing attachments no longer require printing these attachments, saving time, money and the environment.


Security Taken Seriously

MEGA’s core architecture was built using a development methodology that considers security at each step, the system stores data in an encrypted state to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, MEGA has been vigorously tested for vulnerabilities and each release goes through many cycles of security validation to ensure the platform is impenetrable