evventa OfficeOffice Scheduling and Management System

evventa® - Office Scheduling and Management System is an interactive, private office management solution built to facilitate the work of the private office of government officials and key international figures personnel by providing them with the right tools to organize daily operations – big and small – in an automated manner, while maintaining a high level of monitoring and security over the work team.

The value of evventa – Office® lies in its ability to plan and manage a diverse spectrum of events appointments and arrange for the needed logistics in a short period of time, thus allowing officials and their organizations to execute their events in a flawless and successful manner. evventa – Office® targets government officials and key international figures who have busy daily schedules and travel frequently with their staff members, and those who frequently host events for key figures.

Meet the challenge

Officials and their teams in today’s world know the challenges they must face when it comes to scheduling and managing their events. Each day brings a host of new challenges as they struggle to prepare and manage their daily, weekly and monthly agenda, which could involve hosting events for other key figures, holding conference calls, traveling abroad, all while being able to function within a dynamic and agile environment.

Officials are in constant search for tools that would allow them to meet the increasing demands of hosting elegant events and to see the affairs of the many officials they must cater to, simultaneously abating any challenges that inevitable present themselves. Planning and organizing events held for important officials require fast decision-making, with information being readily available should the need for last minute changes present itself, thus potentially driving a supposedly flawless and prestigious event right over the edge.

Teams managing the events and daily schedules of such officials are expected to perform a host of functions at once, maintaining the overall prestigious image they need to project, as well as the overall convenience of all attendees. Epya has an extensive experience working side by side with high profile officials around the world, during that time we designed and developed our flagship, all-encompassing schedule and events management system “evventa® - Office.” With a set of powerful tools that unify and automate events and schedule management, evventa® - Office helps our clients deliver events with unprecedented ease and flawless execution.

  • Our longstanding journey with our highly important clients has allowed us to further our skills and expertise in devising solutions that facilitate the nature of their work. We have dedicated teams who are working on enhancing our products and introducing new concepts and ideas to our customers.
  • evventa® - Office is built on the latest technologies, allowing better utilization of modern hardware and software while keeping in the mind the needs of officials and their teams.
  • evventa® - Office offers a collaborative secure environment for officials and their teams to manage and host all needed information of events management such as; attendees, program plans, travels, gifts, and much more.

Unique product for unique clients

Current offerings in the market are not covering the schedule and events management needs of high profile officials. evventa® - Office is a powerful product that helps clients increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations without neglecting the nature of officials and their teams.

The system tightens the security of the environment as well as providing a better compliance management for events throughout the checklists which users can build and customize easily. This unique product has taken into consideration certain design constraints in order to provide its users with the best value:

  • A centralized repository for items pertaining to events management, including schedules, detailed programs plans, gifts, contacts information, attendees, logistics and more.
  • Workflow and approval cycles for all requests submitted to hold meetings, attend audience events, respond to inquiries, and much more.
  • An international solution, currently featuring a bilingual (Arabic & English) interface, with more languages currently under development.
  • A highly secure system: encrypted data, different levels of user enrollment, role-based security and biometric scanning are some of the examples which place it at the forefront of secure applications.
  • Prestigious and convenient Tablet PC interface for high end officials to communicate with their teams An intuitive, easily configurable product, allowing you to create your own checklists, event templates, gifts lists and much more.

Why evventa® Office?

There is an incessant demand for a product that will effectively help organizations in solving and addressing the problems of officials and their teams. evventa® - Office is a system which can be adopted to manage a large number of events within a cost effective setup. It has been developed using the latest Microsoft© technologies with a .NET Framework and SQL-Server as a database end. evventa® - Office is a product which can help clients in:

  • Reflecting their business drivers and serves them.
  • Protecting their current investment in other systems (document management systems, workflow engines).
  • Incorporating new and unique solutions once they become available in the market by Epya.
  • Realizing an earlier return on investment by targeting and addressing specific problem areas.

Our product specialists will provide and guide the product implementation, keeping in mind the complexity of your needs, all within a reasonable timeframe. In addition to the supply of important operational systems (such as evventa® - Office), Epya has a proven record of managing large scale projects, proven projects delivery methods based on industry best practices such as PMI and MSF, dedicated products teams, and local support are what provide proper support framework for all of our clients.

Be the first attending all events

Whenever an official is invited to an important event, or requests a meeting with someone, evventa® - Office helps these officials and their teams arrange quickly for such events, and not to miss any request. With advanced scheduling tools and stellar security measures for each event, accurate scheduling management is now easier than ever.

Prepare travels or host key figures in a prestigious way

Officials and their teams are requested to travel frequently, and all the required logistics should be present and taken care of, from airplanes, motorcades, visas and passports, and a lot more.

Convey ideas to officials securely and effectively

Whenever there are documents for revision, or a schedule to be approved, officials are faced with tons of hardcopies on which they need to place their notes. The use of paper for such documentation is not reliable nor secure, as papers could be lost, destroyed and easily viewed by unauthorized personnel. This is why evventa® - Office sports an innovative Tablet PC interface, which mimics the overall experience of hardcopies using a full touch screen and a digital pen. The interface provides a secure yet convenient approach for officials to view documents and address priorities, leaving the technicalities for evventa® - Office.

Integrate with your Microsoft®-Outlook

evventa® - Office features integration with Outlook, allowing different users to check schedules, contacts and much more in Microsoft®-Outlook environment. Throughout Microsoft®-ActiveSync, officials and their teams can have information transferred into their PDAs or iPhone®.

Have the right gift handy

Whenever an official wants to present an acquaintance with a gift or to review what gifts have been received by their department, it is very important to have a history of all sent and received gifts and to make sure that the right gift is ready.

​Key benefits

Increased accessibility to information by setting a centralized environment to host and archive all data related to the official’s schedules, including daily agendas, events, attendees, contact lists, related documents, comments and program plans.
  • Increased security environment by allowing different levels of authorization, enrollment, and information accessibility.
  • Easy, fast and secure communication tools between all stakeholders, allowing for higher productivity and increased accuracy of scheduling, managing, controlling and executing events.
  • Implementation of a green and reduced administrative cost environment.
  • Better decision-making support by providing certain KPIs, trend analyses and business intelligence capabilities.

Business functions​

  • Advanced scheduling tools, including events templates, comprehensive travel logistics tools and different sets of checklists.
  • Preloaded set of lookups information.
  • Ability to securely synchronize and view schedules and contacts with a PDA or an iPhone®.
  • Ability to build extensive reports from all the systems modules in multiple formats such as Microsoft®- word or Adobe PDF.
  • Ability to provide an interactive, secure, user-friendly interface for the concerned official to view/ amend/comments on the schedule or program plans or any other issue.

Logical structure​

  • Scheduling Manager: provides advanced tools for scheduling your events with the finest detail.
  • Logistics Manager: provides advanced tools to manage all logistic aspects of your events, including but not limited to comprehensive checklists, travel logistics, motorcades, accommodation, passports and visas.
  • Contacts Manager: manages the complete profiles of all your contacts providing a bilingual support and distinct ability to deal with Arabic language.
  • Executive Communicator: A state-of-the-art technological, user friendly and secure tablet PC application allowing a stream lined and secure communication between important officials and their team members.